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About Insulin IQ™

The Insulin IQ™ movement promotes clarity, healing, and freedom for those who are tired of being sick and fat.

Worldwide, we’re suffering from diseases that were once unheard of. Each year, roughly 10 million people die from cancer, almost 20 million die from heart disease, obesity is at epidemic levels, and up to half a billion people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. In 1980 there were no cases of adolescent diabetes in America. Today there are hundreds of thousands. And although less lethal, 40% of men over 45 today suffer from complications of low testosterone and almost 10% of women experience menstrual irregularities and infertility.

All of these disorders (and many others) have one thing in common… To varying degrees, each is caused or exacerbated by the inability of the hormone insulin to perform as it should—a condition, largely within our control, known as insulin resistance. And, you might have it. The odds are high, if you’re reading this today, that you do.

Don’t live your life tolerating the effects of a chronic—yet preventable—disease. Don’t medicate yourself into the grave. Raise your insulin I.Q. by becoming educated about what insulin is and what it’s doing in your body. Then, practice a sound, proven nutritional strategy that will provide clarity, healing, and freedom in your life. We understand, and we teach you how.

Find Clarity

Understanding the science-based proof about insulin’s role in the origins of why we get fat and sick is imperative. The American diet is dangerously high in carbohydrates, which leads to chronic insulin elevation and its harmful consequences. Nourish your body in ways it’s designed to be nourished.

Begin Healing

Healing insulin resistance begins by becoming fat adapted, then reintroducing long-term, evidence-based nutrition strategies. The results from these changes assist your body in healing itself—allowing you to cut back on medications and eventually rid yourself of them. It’s time to feel good again.

Discover Freedom

Freedom from counting calories, from shame, and from unsustainable diets that fail. Break the fallacious “food pyramid” chains and enjoy delicious, satisfying foods while losing weight without dieting—simply as a natural benefit of eating right. And, freedom to bless the lives of others.

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The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.